Women’s Health specialist | Changing the way we approach Women’s Health and Hormone Balance.

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Nicole’s passion is creating a new way of thinking surrounding women’s health and hormones. Working with women struggling with PCOS and hormone imbalances she is able to help women truly feel and see the power they have in their own healing.


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There are methods to heal from PCOS and to feel in control of your hormones naturally. Too many women are diagnosed and left on their own feeling like there is only one option. to live with this diagnosis for the rest of their lives and all the struggles that come with it. My goal with my work is to give women another option and a long term solution. - Nicole Granato

Nicole is a Women’s Health expert specializing in PCOS and hormonal health. Encouraging women to seek out their options and build stronger education around their bodies specifically and the natural approaches to healing. Through her personal journey with PCOS Nicole has discovered the importance of self care, proper nutrients, balance in food and is passionate about teaching this to women and young girls.

Before speaking with Nicole i was hopeless, feeling completely alone and out of control of my PCOS. I constantly had bursting cysts and did not know what it was like to not feel pain. Half way through our conversation i started to feel an ease. She was the first person who made me really feel like I wasn’t alone in this. We can up with a plan and within the first week I started feeling a difference in my body. Now months later I went from 10 cysts on my ovaries to none. I couldn’t recommend her more! She truly transformed my life. - Allison, California