Women’s Health Consulting

When I was 23 years old I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) Cysts had grown on my ovaries, I had lost my period and I experienced weight gain, mild acne, depression and lots of pain stemming from my uterus. Doctors recommended surgery, hormones and birth control which had me feeling even more lost and confused. I had seven cysts on my ovaries and I wanted to heal my body not manage my symptoms. I chose to approach my disorder through a holistic method, relying on food and herbs as medicine. I changed my diet, added more nutrients to help ease my body and ensured I was taking the proper supplements.

 As a holistic nutritionist and women’s health specialist I am here to offer you the knowledge, tools and guidance you need to help balance hormones and live a healthier and more balanced life. I work with women experiencing PCOS, infertility, hormone imbalances, weight issues and eating disorders. My goal along with helping heal my clients of their disorder is to also bring back a positive and stress free approach to eating healthy. This is something I feel we have lost through the boom of the health industry.

 How I begin working with my clients starts with a 1 hour consultation. This can be over the phone, skype or in person. In that hour we will go through a detailed health history where I will ask questions to help me understand where the root of the problem is coming from. From there I will make suggestions and talk about programs to help begin the healing process. I believe food is our best preventative medicine and healer and my goal is to help women experience that for themselves and live a life where they feel in full control of their bodies and hormones.


What I specialize in.

•   PCOS, Detox and Clarity
•   Anxiety and stress
•   Hormonal imbalances
•   Adrenal fatigue
•   Infertility and Pregnancy Coaching
•   Eating while trying to conceive
•   Eating disorders
•   Skin complications
•   Blood sugar imbalances and sugar cravings
•   Digestive conditions
•   Emotional eating
•   Sever Weight loss or gain
•   PTSD and Emotional Trauma

What you get 

•  Understand what nutrition means for you and your body
•   Build a positive relationship with your body
•   Learn how food is a natural medicine
•   Learn what is a healthy weight for you and how to maintain it
•   Lean how to listen to your body and give it what it needs.
•   Learn how to implement my mind, body, heart & soul method through daily life. 
•   Becoming stronger, more confident
•   I will support you in implementing your new sustainable lifestyle
•   Rely on me for support through this new and exciting chapter of your life
•   Establish daily changes you can make immediately
•   Create alternatives to unhealthy food habits



To schedule an initial consultation please fill out the form below! Please feel free to e mail us with any additional questions - info@nicolegranato.com

Initial Consultation $150 / 1hr 

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