I stumbled across Nicole at a very critical point in my life, and I'm so grateful I did! I have struggled with hormone imbalances my entire teenage to adult life, but, in December, decided I no longer wanted to rely on birth control (BC) to try and balance my body. 

I was miserable on BC and miserable off it. I did not want to keep feeding chemicals into my body and knew there HAD to be a natural way to correct the imbalances. 

Then, low and behold, Nicole Granato came into my life! She represented everything I was looking for -- not only in her products, but as a nutritionist. I started out by just trying her products (I wanted to see how I'd feel, and if "all natural" products would really make a difference). Three weeks later, I felt like a different person. I reached out to Nicole and she set me up on a nutrition plan. Not only do I love the plan, but Nicole was so easy to work with -- Kind, knowledgable and passionate about helping women. She's all around wonderful. 

I had been told at age 17 that I would have a hard time having kids... That there were medical alternatives that would likely help, but, of course, they are costly and not guaranteed. 8 weeks into working with Nicole, I was telling everyone I could about how wonderful she was, and that "I didn't realize how bad I felt until I started feeling better..." I felt 'normal' for the first time in years! To top it off, my husband and I learned the VERY surprising news that we are expecting! I'm 23 weeks along now, and never thought I'd have reached this point in my journey so quickly or easily. 

I'm so grateful for Nicole -- for everything she has done for me and what she represents. You shouldn't have to sacrifice your body or your sanity to have a healthy and balanced body. Nicole has checked in on me regularly, and has been a wonderful support. 

If you're struggling with hormone imbalances of any sort, or just eager to have a naturally balanced life (who isn't?!), Nicole is your girl!

Amy M - San Diego CA


"I started using Detox last fall and cannot express how amazing this product is! Within days my energy increased, my skin improved i was able to sleep through the night and my cravings for sugar dropped! I contacted Nicole to talk to her about a eating plan as i am in love with the products and wanted to work more with her. I started her Women's Health and Hormone Balancing program and it has transformed my life! I feel like i was a totally different person before i began her products and nutrition plan and now my life has changed for the best. I have so much gratitude for Nicole as her work is done with so much love and passion. She is a wonderful woman with so much knowledge and really cares about her clients. I recommend her to all of my friends and co workers! She is incredible". 

Samantha - Austin Texas

"I came across Nicole through an article in Well&Good about how she cured her own PCOS. Unfortunately, PCOS is a major problem for which, as we told by most doctors, there is no real explanation or cure. I was diagnosed in my late teens and lived with it thinking that's how it is going to be until I red that article. I reached out to Nicole the minute I finished reading it and we were on the phone two days later. One thing I must say about Nicole is that she is extremely easy to talk to, I feel like I've known her for ages. Within a few minutes into our first consultation, I felt completely relaxed about opening up to her. She asked me a ton of questions and a week later I emailed me a customized program. My goals were to detox, loose weight and get pregnant...all of the above are very hard with PCOS, in some cases almost impossible. I followed Nicole's program supplemented by Nourish and Detox for 4 months, I lost weight and felt more energized and awake. I'm not 100% sure if my PCOS went away because by the end of the program I was pregnant, and here I am 22 weeks, had no morning sickness, feeling great and still working out 3 times a week. After I told Nicole I was pregnant, she immediately emailed me a new adjusted program and helped me understand what to expect and how to react to the changes in my body during pregnancy. I plan on doing another round of my original program once my baby is born. I even purchased Detox and Nourish for my mom who just started going through some hormonal changes and she claims that she's lost weight and is feeling more alive and energized these days.

I highly recommend Nicole to anyone who is struggling with PCOS, or any other hormonal imbalances, or even if you just want to reach a new health goal. She is an amazing professional and a very kind human being". 

- Olga - New York


"After reading a Well + Good article about Nicole and how she self treated her PCOS problem, I decided to contact herimmediately. I was desperate to find a holistic solution to my PCOS struggle, lack of energy and stomach problems, since I developed a rare and deathly allergic reaction to most medications. During my first phone call, I was captivated by her sweetness and knowledge. Both her plan and her products: Nourish + Detox have transformed my life.My energy levels are up, which it is something that I never thought I could experienced in my life. My hormone levels are way better, and I am radiating health. All these incredible results in just a month! I am excited to see what else is in the future for me! Nicole is amazing and I highly recommend her! “

- Shirley, Los Angeles CA


"Nicole knows health! In addition to PCOS, I have stomach issues. Nicole created a plan that addresses both my PCOS and my stomach problems. I have felt so great since starting her plan. My energy levels are up, my stomach problems are almost completely gone, and my hormone levels are so much better. My body feels like its taking a huge sigh of relief! I highly recommend Nicole and her products Nourish & Detox. She is extremely knowledgeable,  helpful, and kind. Her product Detox aligns my hormones and clears out the digestive system. I trust her and her recommendations and highly recommend her to my friends. Thank you Nicole!"

- Ashley, Bakersfield CA


"After suffering from digestive issues for years and seeing countless doctors who just put me on medication i came across Nicole through reading about her on Well + Good. I immediately scheduled a consultation with her! I was nervous to discuss these issues with a stranger and felt a little bit at a loss. The minute i heard her voice i was at ease. She is such a warm hearted and loving woman who gave me such support through just one call. She suggested a nutrition plan for me and to begin taking Detox and Nourish which i did immediately. In just 5 days my entire body shifted, i was finally regular, my energy lifted, my sleep improved and my sex drive was on fire! I never felt so myself and free of any digestive pains. I am so grateful to of found Nicole as years and years of struggling with these issues with no results from countless doctors and nutritionists was starting to drive me crazy. I highly highly recommend  her and cannot thank her enough for the work she does."

-Jessica, Chicago


"I had a consultation with Nicole this past week and she was very kind and understanding. I felt like she really knew what she was talking about it and was super encouraging since I've been dealing with an ED for several years. Would definitely recommend! And I just ordered her nourish + detox, excited to try them!"

- Jaya, Los Angeles CA


"I stumbled across Nicole’s Instagram page and am so grateful I did. I was taking birth control but wanted to learn how to fight PCOS holistically. I reached out to her for a consultation and was immediately drawn to her kind spirit. Since starting Nicole’s program, I have noticed major improvements in my health and body. Super detox is amazing! I have more energy. My mood swings have decreased. My skin is glowing, and I have successfully lost weight. Bloating has significantly decreased as well. Nicole frequently checks in to make sure everything is going well. I am so grateful for Nicole and her desire to help individuals live a balanced, healthy life. I highly recommend her; she’s amazing!"

 - Shawnda, Georgia


Nicole is a miracle worker! I first talked to Nicole about four months ago in hopes that she would be able to help me get my PCOS symptoms under control. My ovaries were covered in cysts that were causing me pain, my energy was low, I was lacking periods, and my emotions were all over the place.  She assured me that she would do her best to help me and she was certain that with her guidance I could improve my health. I put my trust in her and I am so thankful that I did! I immediately started following her meal plan and supplementing with her Detox blend. During the first two months, Nicole reached out to me several times to check up on me and see if I had any questions or concerns. I always felt comfortable chatting with her and she was always reassuring. Three short months after working with Nicole, all of the cysts on my ovaries are gone and I am pregnant! Nicole was so overjoyed when I shared the news and immediately went to work on my pregnancy plan.  I had multiple doctors tell me that I would not be able to give birth to my own children and that nutrition didn’t play a role in fixing my PCOS. Nicole proved both of those theories wrong and I am forever grateful for her guidance!

-Ellen, Ohio


"Nicole and I started working together a few months ago.  I was diagnosed with PCOS several years ago, and my husband and I have gone through over 2 years of infertility treatments, including IVF.  I was hesitant going into my phone consultation with Nicole because, like many other women, I felt like I had tried absolutely everything to aid my PCOS and combat infertility.  I was so wrong!  Nicole was warm and engaging from the first minute that I spoke with her.  She told me her personal story, and it was so nice to hear that someone could actually relate to me and had lived in my shoes.  She truly understood!  She listened to my health background and goals, and gave me customized recommendations, as well as her supplements, to start immediately.  I have had so much success since working with Nicole- I feel better, my skin is brighter, I have more energy…it’s just amazing. Most importantly, I am 4 and a half weeks PREGNANT!  We were told that we could not conceive without IVF.  I highly recommend Nicole to anyone suffering from PCOS and/or infertility- or anyone who wants to improve their quality of life!" 

– Amanda, Virginia 


"I absolutely love super detox! I put an order in with Nicole for the detox, fertility and maintenance blend. The first step was to help me get my period stat and within 8 days on these products I got my period! I have been trying to get it for about 7 months and was unsuccessful! Not only did I get my period but also I was in little to no pain and the bleeding was very manageable! Highly recommend these products!!!"

– Kristina, Los Angeles 


"Nicole Granato is not only a leader in the field of nutrition, but also in educating how to live more consciously with more compassion for each other and the planet. Her passion and fearless ability to set a new standard is paving the way for our culture to be kind to our bodies and that which we consume. I met Nicole through a mutual friend who mentioned she would be interested in my ocean conservation company, TRATO. Nicole and I spoke and instantly felt a connection with our missions; Nicole's being to help women with infertility complications through their nutritional intake, and mine being to educate the masses about living in a way to preserve and conserve our oceans. Similarly, both have a common thread, to encourage a culture to be kind to ourselves and to each other. What we eat and what he put into our bodies, has a profound impact on our planet. I have never met a women so devoted to sharing her gift and talent with the world, as Nicole is. Every single one of her products are made with precision and care and each one has a unique intention to help your body restore itself to its healthiest state. Nicole's education and experience in the field is unparalleled and thus I am confident that her passion coupled with her determination will reach millions. I am honored to know Nicole, as her ability to inspire is contagious. I am motivated by her on a daily basis and know that the mission she started is leaving  a profound legacy."  

- Tiffany, Los Angeles


"I was looking for a supplement to help me with nutrition while preparing to freeze my eggs and I tried Nicole's Detox Blend. After the first week - I saw a major change. My mood has improved, my skin was glowing, my hair and nails were stronger. I was glowing on the outside and on the inside.  It made me feel a little more confident and gave me that little magic spark other people started to notice as well. My procedure went very well and was very successful. The doctors were able to collect a high number of oocytes. But after that - I continued using Detox Blend as I love what it did for me - and I can't recommend it more. We all need a little magic in our lives.

- Alexandra, California


"I really love the Detox blend! I never forget to include it in my morning routine, because it's so easy to take. I'm not sure how, but although it's an herbal powder, it mixes really well into water. The taste is earthy with a hint of ginger and tastes excellent on its own or in a smoothie.
I experience an intense amount of pain and emotional distress due to my cycle, and this product has cut down my symptoms and kept me functional!! I feel much healthier on the day-to-day, the quality of my sleep has improved, and I've been craving less junk food!
I believe that balancing your hormones is the first step into a healthy and balanced life. This product does it!
Here's to owning your body and moving forward!"

– Kat, Los Angeles 


"I have never worked with anybody as soothing and warm hearted as Nicole. I initially went to her to help clear my PCOS but walked away with a new lifestyle. She was by my side through it all. I signed up to have a lifestyle program designed by her and still a year later it has been the outline to my life. I don’t think I can remember a time I felt this good and I don’t think I would of made it here without her! I highly recommend working with her."

– Ashley, North Carolina


"I stumbled upon Nicole through her instagram page and felt I needed to contact her. I scheduled a consultation and immediately she radiated serenity. She is the kind of person that just from the sound of her voice you feel at ease and supported. I bought her detox and maintenance blend and absolutely love them. My entire body feels transformed starting with my energy, skin, mood, periods, weight and overall well being. I have recommended these products to friends and family in need of a nutritional boost in their life!"

– Lesley, Chicago


"Nicole changed the way I viewed nutrition and health in the least intimidating way possible. She made changing old habits fun and exciting and always gave me fun tips and tricks to doing so. Starting her personalized program was easier then I thought going into it. Within two weeks I saw a shift in my life. She is a lovely woman and has influenced me in so many ways on this new journey I have taken. Her positivity and love for what she does is a breath of fresh air. She has made this transformation and experience truly wonderful. I could not think of a better person to recommend to women looking for guidance! Thank You Nicole."

- Megan, New York 


"I started working with Nicole after trying to conceive for 4 years naturally. Nothing worked. I tried IVF, fertility drugs and countless vitamins and herbs. I always felt like there was something still missing and something I could do better. I found Nicole through a friend who recommended her services to me. I went in for our initial meeting feeling a bit helpless. I tried everything and it didn’t work. Why should this? I sat down with Nicole at a juice bar here in New York and immediately felt a connection to her. She is such a wonderful, beautiful and positive person who exudes confidence and warmth. Throughout our conversations we laughed a lot, talked about the steps we would be taking together as well as her services. I signed up for her personalized program, which is customized to fit my needs. I felt like she really hit a lot of points I probably was not aware of at the time. I started feeling better, more positive and hopeful. 5 months later I became pregnant with my first child after years of trying to conceive. I now have a beautiful 2-year-old boy and I don’t think I would be here without the constant support and guidance Nicole gave me. She is a truly special and rare woman with so much to offer to her field. I couldn’t recommend anybody more."

– Christina, New York 


"I began working with Nicole to balance my hormones and clear by acne! She began giving me recommendations right away. I had never heard of some of the super foods and herbs she mentioned but i was willing to give it a shot. I went on her Hormone Balancing Lifestyle Program and LOVE IT!! I couldn't recommend her programs and working with her more! My skin is clearing up more and more each day and i finally feel more balanced hormonally than every!"

- Jamie, London UK